TSC aligns with key industry sectors to drive harmonization and create proactive innovations in reporting.

TSC is a global organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of consumer products. In order to accomplish this, we rely on our members to contribute research, opinions, and feedback through our sector working groups.

Our working groups are chartered groups of TSC members, invited participants, and staff, who work together to create sustainability-related knowledge about particular product categories, continuously adding to the scope of products covered by our research database. Our research database is one of the world’s largest, covering nearly 90% of the total impacts in all consumer product categories across 8 consumer industry sectors.

Paper, Pulp and Forestry

Clothing, Footwear
and Textiles

Food, Beverage and Agriculture


General Merchandise

Home and Personal Care



TSC’s Product Finder showcases the products covered through our THESIS assessments that help thousands of companies gain visibility and improvement in the sustainability of their consumer product supply chains. Check out our THESIS Product Finder:

Our 100+ members are represented by corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions from around the globe.

Members are the foundation of TSC. We work with these organizations to translate complex sustainability issues into innovation and actionable outcomes for the consumer goods industry.